Martin Probst is the latest member to the join the team at publishing house Huthig, whose key areas will include Sensors/Sensor-ICs, Optoelectronics, Analog-Mixed-Singal-ICs, Power (Supply), Inverter and Battery-Technologies.

Here at Napier, we thought it would be great to learn a little bit more about Huthig’s latest editor and Martin kindly agreed to participate in a interview with us. We were thrilled to receive his responses telling us a little bit more about himself:

  • How long have you been working within the electronics industry?

I’m quite new to electronics. I started volunteering in October 2016 at Hüthig and its electronic magazines. Volunteering is somewhat like an apprenticeship for journalists that lasts around two years. However, I became a full time editor at Hüthig since August 2018.

  • Why did you decide on a career within electronics?

Well, I wasn’t looking for a career within electronics, rather was I looking for a career within the media. I wanted to work for print or online and so I found the job offer from Hüthig. I hardly had any background with electronics back then, but I said to myself that I can do it and I have to at least try. The challenge was exciting. Two years later I am still here and still as excited as I was on my first day.

  • What are your key areas of interest within the industry?

I think sensors are super interesting. They are in a way the senses for a lot of electronic systems. They see, they smell, they feel, they hear. They also enable a lot of the current trends like autonomous driving or smart applications.

  • Do you have a favourite electronic gadget?

I guess my smartphone, if you consider it a gadget. It’s just fascinating how far they’ve come in the last decade or so. Nowadays you can do so much stuff on them like watching movies, reading newspapers, sending news out to millions of people and so on. And it looks like the technology will just keep getting better.