When my Managing Director Mike first suggested that I participated in the HubSpot ‘Sales Lion’ course I was unsure. As a newbie to sales I was worried if this course would push me too far too soon. I couldn’t have been any more wrong.

Ran by the highly enthusiastic, sales genius Dan Tyre, over the course of eight weeks alongside 10 other agencies, Dan taught us the HubSpot inbound approach to populating our sales funnel with new leads, whilst also nurturing our existing leads.

The course taught me that a lead is ‘never dead’. There are different tactics and approaches to reopening an opportunity, and if you receive a ‘no’ or a ‘not now’ from a potential lead, don’t give up just adapt the way you are approaching them.

So, what truly makes a HubSpot Lioness? Throughout our eight weeks with Dan, I took away several lessons on how to ensure success in sales. These are my top three:

Don’t Give Up Easily
Often when you struggle to make contact with a lead, it can feel deflating and almost like failure. Dan taught me that persistence is everything. Ringing your lead more than once (even thrice) is completely acceptable, remember you are offering them an opportunity to make their lives easier!

Ask Questions in Response to Everything

A key part of sales is understanding when you should dig deeper. Asking the right questions at the right time allows you to unpack someone’s goals and truly understand their pain points. A key example could be if someone says, ‘We struggled with meeting our goals last year’. This is your opportunity to unpack the reasons behind this. Asking questions such as ‘What were the specific goals you struggled with?’ ‘Was there a particular reason such as lack of resources available?’ will help you narrow down your leads true pain points.

Be Helpful

When talking to a prospect you want to prove that you are knowledgeable of their company and that their time spent talking with you is beneficial. Always approach a prospect with ideas or suggestions that will help them. It may be something you noticed on their site such as a lack of CTA’s or it may be that you have ideas on how to improve the presence of their services on Google. Providing something valuable to prospects will always result in a more successful connect call.

I’m looking forward to meeting future clients and helping them become inbound marketing experts. If you a receive a call from me in the near future, then please let me know how I am doing. Hopefully you’re find the conversation beneficial!

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