We recently asked New Electronics’ Peter Ring to participate in an interview with Napier, to discuss the organisation of his events and the successful results he receives from all the hard work. Read the interview below to discover how many people Peter reaches through the events, and the reason why events such as the BEEAs and Embedded Design Show were formed.

How long have you been running events alongside New Electronics?
Since 2013 when we launched the Electronics Design Show. This year we added a one-day roadshow on PCB Design and Manufacturing which was well received, and it’s running again on May 9th 2019 at Silverstone.

Why did you start running events? What are the goals for the events today?
We felt there was a gap in the market for a design focussed event, as publishers of both New Electronics and Eureka we are in an ideal position to deliver the audience which is often the biggest challenge. Each year we get around 4,000 designers to attend over the two days. Adding shows/events to our channels to market has given New Electronics a much higher level of visibility.

How is revenue/profit split at New Electronics between the publication, the database and events?
Online revenues account for a third of New Electronics revenues with print, inserts, projects and PCB making up two thirds. The EDS revenue sits in MA Exhibitions a separate company to MA Business who publish New Electronics. EDS turned over £1.2k million in 2018.

Do you have a specialist team running the events? How much time do the events take from the editorial team?
We do have dedicated marketing teams for EDS and PCB, Neil puts a lot of effort into creating and running the EDS Conference content, but it creates good content for the magazine too as well as helping attract the audience for EDS.

How many people do you reach through your events?
4,000 plus visit EDS and 1,000 came to PCB Design which is co located with FAST an adhesive event and Engineering Materials Live.

How does this compare to the readership of New Electronics?
We send out 15,000 copies of New Electronics reaching the universe of UK electronics designers which is 53,914.

How do you judge the success of each event?
Year on year visitor increases plus we track the rebook during the Shows, at EDS 2018 we had an 80% on site rebook

Why do you run the BEEAs separately from the Engineering Design Show?
We prefer our Awards to be a daytime business event. BEEAs celebrates their 10th anniversary in 2019 and London offers a lot of choice on venues. We were in County Hall this year, taking it to Coventry to run alongside EDS is not in our current thinking.

What is the most fun for you: the show, the awards or the publication?
Actually we really enjoy all of it but EDS gives us all a lot of pleasure. Meeting readers that appreciate New Electronics creating a platform for them to meet 220 exhibitors in one day, plus exhibitors returning year after year as they get great leads from EDS is very satisfying.