We were recently contacted by Ian Poole, editor and owner of  Radio Electronics and Electronics Notes. He informed us of the news that Radio Electronics is now being incorporated into Electronics Notes, as Ian enters semi-retirement.

Electronics Notes is a platform that has been set up to provide resources required by engineers and has been built on the success of Radio-Electronics, which ensures information provided is easy to read and in a variety of forms including diagrams, images, and videos. The site covers a wide range of topics relevant to engineers, makers and students. Basic concepts such as voltage and current will be covered, as well as the IoT and latest component and manufacturing technologies and techniques.

Redirects will be put into place to direct traffic from Radio-Electronics.com to Electronics Notes, with an expected million-page views to be received each month.

Interestingly, Electronic Notes will also provide advertising opportunities via Google Ads. This is different to other publications, who aim to sell their site direct to advertisers. This approach requires that display network campaigns are set up in Google advertising and are targeted specifically at the Electronics Notes website.

Using Google Ads is a strategy that reduces the need for sales – there is no need for a sales team – which hopefully will allow Ian some well-deserved time off. Advertisers also benefit from having more control as they can directly set up and manage their own ads on the site. The approach is also much more efficient and offers the prospect of CPMs that could be an order of magnitude lower.

We look forward to the success of Electronic Notes and will be interested to see how the Google Ads approach is received by advertisers in the electronics industry.