Lily McIntosh, a Year 10 Durrington High School Student recently completed a week’s work experience at Napier. Read her blog to find out what she learnt during her week at the Napier office:

My work experience at Napier gave me a chance to learn about what it’s like to be in the workplace and an idea into careers you could apply for in the future.

I am a Year 10 Durrington High school Student who is currently taking Business, Drama, BTEC Digital Information Technology and History as my GCSEs. Within my GCSE courses they have taught me how to set up a business, promote products and to target a certain audience. I decided to do my work experience at Napier Partnership in Chichester, because I thought it was suited to my GCSE’s and wanted to explore what working in a B2B marketing and PR company would be like.

Over the last week, I have learnt about researching and finding the right stories for the Directors’ social media accounts, and how to publish and schedule Tweets using HubSpot. I also learnt about Inbound Marketing, and why it is so important for a modern marketer’s strategy.

Other opportunities I have had, include learning about ad design and video editing, with Napier’s graphic designer, Rob. Rob even showed me how a video is created through to the finished product. I have been shown how to use HTML coding for emails and websites, which is confusing at first but once you have your head wrapped round it all, it is not so difficult.

Overall, my experience here has been great, the Napier team has been very warm and welcoming during my time here. I have enjoyed learning new skills I could use in the future and in jobs that one day I might apply for.

Thank you to Napier for the insight into the world of work.