Napier recently started a partnership with Vantage Research, experts in market analysis, giving our clients access to invaluable information about the opportunity in countries around the world.

Vantage provides a detailed report of where the business opportunity is for your company in major international markets. Designed to pinpoint ‘serious contenders’ for international expansion the market entry reports include:

  • A breakdown of where Demand is likely to be concentrated for the client’s offer and why.
  • Analysis of key Economic and Regulatory factors, likely to impact the opportunity
  • An insightful Competitor Analysis giving a SWOT summary of the client vs competitor brands
  • Benchmarking – expert witness rankings of the key competitors, market gaps and entry options

Vantage can also offer more in-depth analysis of the markets that are most attractive, enabling our clients to plan market entry with more information and context. With Vantage’s extensive experience in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, this partnership supports Napier’s commitment to an insight-led approach, providing our clients with a great opportunity to optimise market entry plans.

If you’re interested in finding out more, why not drop me an email, and we can set up a discussion to identify potential target markets you could be missing.