Account Based Marketing (ABM) has slowly become an increasingly important part of a B2B Marketers strategy. As the latest “shiny” marketing tactic, ABM allows you to focus on opening the doors in your targeted companies while minimizing marketing expenses.

Our clients are increasingly asking about ABM, so we’ve put together 5 reasons why all B2B marketers should be thinking about ABM:

Budget is Spent on the Audience that Matters

The main reason for adopting ABM is to focus the marketing spend on the most important prospects and customers. Unlike trade media, SEO or most conventional marketing tactics, the money spent on content distribution is allocated specifically to key decision makers in specific accounts. By adopting ABM, marketers no longer need to worry about whether there is a proportion of their budget that is being wasted.

Return on Investment Increases

As ABM campaigns feature such a focus on targeted accounts, marketers generally find that return on investment increases dramatically. In fact, 84% of businesses have said that ABM delivers higher ROI than other marketing strategies (Forbes), making ABM a compelling choice.

ABM Uses Familiar Tactics

Although it’s a new approach, ABM is based on tactics many marketers will be familiar with. These include content marketing, display advertising, paid social media and search engine marketing. Although marketers may not have in-depth knowledge of programmatic advertising, which forms a large component of any ABM campaign, modern platforms simplify the use of programmatic techniques.

ABM uses Existing Content

One of the most compelling reasons for adopting ABM, is that campaigns can normally be developed around existing content, making it quick, easy and cost-effective to adopt the tactics. Although the impact of the content can be enhanced with personalisation, a good marketing campaign will generate content that is highly relevant to the key personas being targeted by an ABM campaign.

ABM Brings Sales and Marketing Together

Perhaps the biggest benefit of ABM is as a vehicle to engender cooperation between the sales and marketing department. Campaigns are much more effective when the marketing team uses account insights from sales, while the marketing team are able to directly assist the sales team in achieving their goals. This level of cooperation not only ensures ABM campaigns are effective but can also benefit other marketing activities.



Hopefully, you can now see the great advantages ABM can bring your marketing strategy. Get in touch with us today on 020 8667 9660, and find out how we can help you deploy your ABM campaigns today!