Electronics Sourcing has announced the publishing of its first top 30 UK distribution report to be featured in its October 2019 edition.

Following in the footsteps of its sister title Electronics Sourcing North America, Mark Leary MMG’s founder and publisher commented “During my 26 years of publishing print publications in the UK electronics industry, I believe this could be the first printed distribution report published in the UK. For the North American edition of Electronics Sourcing, the Top 50 Report is so popular its by far the largest monthly edition we publish each year”. 

We think its great to see Electronics Sourcing providing distributor companies in the UK with the recognition they deserve. With distributors representing a huge share of the advertising market, this move shows great courage from Electronics Sourcing; and if distributors, and the buyers distributors want to reach, (who will definitely be reading it) respond well to the research, there is a chance that this report will actually drive more advertising.

At Napier, we are big fans of this initiative and hope that distributor companies will recognize the importance of the research and that it’s one of the best opportunities to reach the buying contacts that are so difficult to influence.