Publishing house WEKA FACHMEDIEN has announced the introduction of the first ever WEKA ad awards for 2019.

Advertising customers from the ITK, electronics, automotive and automation sectors, who make frequent bookings with magazines under the WEKA FACHMEDIEN brand, were offered the opportunity to submit their original and most appealing ads for consideration.

With four different awards up for grabs (one for each sector) the winners of the WEKA ad awards will be decided by the readers, as they are invited to nominate the tops ads in the following categories:

  • Visual
  • Slogan
  • Content

Participants also have the chance to win a 100 Euro Amazon gift card, a BMW R 90 S-Boxer engine kit by FRANZIS and a robot arm kit from FRANZIS.

The closing date for entries is Friday 13th September 2019, and for more information on the award, and how you can take part, please click here.