Supplyframe, the industry network for electronics design and manufacturing has announced the acquisition of SamacSys, a leading provider of 2D and 3D CAD models for the electronics industry.

The acquisition will combine Supplyframe’s global offering in engineering resources such as component search engines, supply chain software tools and online communities, with SamacSys’s libraries of schematic symbols, PCB footprints and component 3D models.

Steve Flagg, CEO and founder of Supplyframe commented “Our vision has always been rooted in helping people in the electronics industry navigate the complexity of going from an idea to a production-ready product. Welcoming SamacSys under the Supplyframe banner allows us to provide best-in-class symbols, footprints and 3D models directly to our community of 7 million engineers.”

The acquisition will see all London-based SamacSys employees joining Supplyframe and expanding its global footprint with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, Austin, Grenoble, and Belgrade.

Founder and CEO of SamacSys, Alex MacDougall has also chosen to remain and help lead the future of Supplyframe, commenting “Our service is contagious! Engineers all over the globe are using it for the simple fact it allows them to spend more time engineering rather than creating component libraries. When Supplyframe approached us and demonstrated their reach, I was certain we could scale our product even faster to help more engineers. Supplyframe is the perfect home for SamacSys because Supplyframe is agnostic, independent, and neutral; all perfect ingredients for fast growth and further adoption of our solution.”

At Napier, we like to see a publisher trying something different from conventional publishing. With Supplyframe having already expanded with tools for purchasers, it’s great to see how they are now moving into providing tools for engineers as well.