Aspencore Media in co-operation with Bodo’s Power Systems, has revealed that this year’s Power Electronics Summit will feature a ‘networking evening’ in response to feedback from last year’s show.

Taking place from Monday 2nd to Tuesday 3rd December at the Hilton Hotel in Munich Airport, this year’s summit will focus on the topic of ‘Technical Trends with Wide Bandgap Semiconductors’. The event will be split into two parts, with the presentation and discussion section of the summit taking place on the Monday; inviting experts to present papers about trends and challenges in the Automotive, Wind Power, Photovoltaic, Industrial and Transportation fields.

The presentations will be followed by a reception and ‘get-together’ evening, providing visitors and exhibitors with plenty of time for networking.

The conference and table-top exhibition will take place on Tuesday 3rd December providing the opportunity for visitors to meet the experts, and share expertise in bringing down barriers and overcoming reluctance to use Wide Bandgap Semiconductors.

To find out more about the Power Electronics Summit and how you can attend, please click here.