Elektronik magazine, has announced ‘Elektronik 2.0’, as the editorial team has revealed that for 2020 instead of regular and special editions, the magazine will introduce issues that specifically cover the spectrum of trends and ‘hot’ topics within the industry.

The new issues will feature technology and business/markets themes, and aim to provide readers with a ‘one-stop-knowledge-shop’ on topics that are currently fundamental to their readers.

With previous editions of the magazine featuring a mix of random topics and resulting in readers ‘cherry-picking’ the parts of the magazine they are reading; this move means a specific edition of the magazine will offer readers a comprehensive source of information on one topic (e.g: the automotive industry) and advertisers a market-analogue advertising environment.

Elektronik has also announced the introduction of Social Media Plus and Social Media Chinese, offering advertisers LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and newsletter advertising.

At Napier, we think its great to see a publication modifying their approach to engage with their readers more successfully, and we look forward to seeing the response this approach receives from the industry.