Datateam Business Media has announced the acquisition of Electronics World; as the publication joins the company’s comprehensive product portfolio, alongside a range of leading publications, websites and events across various B2B and healthcare sectors.

Louise Pudney, Business Director at Datateam Business media commented “We are delighted to welcome Electronics World to our group of publications. It’s a highly complementary and attractive acquisition for the company and will enhance Datateam’s strong presence in the Electronics industry. Critically, it fits our clear acquisition model by presenting significant opportunities for cross-selling additional Datateam services and will help us support this thriving industry.”

At Napier, we were pleasantly surprised to hear news of the acquisition. This move not only gives Electronics World a new home, but also shows Datateam’s commitment to growth; something that we are sure will yield positive results for the industry, and we look forward to seeing the direction Datateam takes the publication in the near future.