The Electronic Component Show has confirmed the details of its dual seminar programme for 2020, revealing what visitors can expect from the conference.

Taking place on the 14th May 2020, the new one-day event aims to bring design engineers and purchasing professionals together with component manufacturers and distributors to source new products, solutions and contacts.

Starting at 10.30am, the seminar programmes will be split across two suites. The first suite (The Engineering Theatre) will feature non-technical seminars for buyers and purchasing professionals, and suite two (The Purchasing Feature) will feature technical seminars for designers and engineers.

The Engineering Theatre will offer seminars covering some of the hottest topics and presented by experts in these fields including:

  • An Approach to Designing Resilient, Robust and Reliable Secure Systems
  • Engineering Part Selection and Supporting a Rapid Prototyping Environment
  • Don’t Put Your System and Data at Risk with USB Technology
  • Why Thermal Simulation is a Must for Electronics Design?

The Purchasing Theatre will feature seminars that cover topics which are prominent answers to the “What are your biggest concerns with regards to sourcing electronics?” in the yearly reader research conducted by Electronics Sourcing. Seminars include:

  • Component Obsolescence – How to Minimise the Costs and Risks
  • Avoiding Counterfeit Components – How to Manage and Mitigate Risks
  • Global Component Distribution: Safe-Supply in a Volatile Marketplace

As the event launches for the first time this year, we are looking forward to hearing feedback from visitors, for which we are sure will be positive about the success of the show.

For further information about The Electronic Component Show and how you can enter, please click here.