Hayden, Marketing Specialist at Napier, is the latest to take part in our ‘Life at Napier’ series. In this blog, Hayden shares how he has progressed in his role over the last 6 months.

Why did you join Napier?

I have now been with Napier for a total of six months, and it has gone by so quickly with the great support offered from everyone on the team.

Prior to joining Napier, I worked as a Trading Support Manager in retail, so I understood what it was like working with customers and within a team to hit targets, but I had little knowledge of marketing and wasn’t sure what to expect from the role.

Napier seemed like the perfect fit for me, as they were open and extremely supportive about providing training, and I’ve already learned a significant amount about marketing and the B2B technology industry. Although I was nervous to start, my colleagues knew that it was a new environment for me and all respected that it would take time for me to settle in. In the end, it was easy to acclimatize, as I was given great training from my director, Suzy Kenyon as well as support from everyone in the office.

Since I have joined, I’ve learned so much from becoming a Marketing Specialist and the background of how a B2B business works within the technology industry.

Tell us a bit about your role. Is it challenging, interesting?

As a Marketing Specialist, I love being able to work with a variety of people and clients to produce interesting content as well as learn new skills. In the past, I’ve found previous work goals and projects to be very repetitive but being a Marketing Specialist will always keep you on your toes with new tasks.

What is a typical day like?

On a day to day basis, I work with different clients and Account Managers at Napier (E.g. Microchip, Smart Modular Technologies and more) with a variety of tasks. The day will start off with checking my morning emails so I can catch-up with any requested material or questions from clients, customers or the Napier team.

In the afternoon after lunch, I will have a quick check of my emails again to see if any new or urgent tasks have been sent to me while I have been away from my PC. I will usually continue a task that I started in the morning or focus on a new project. My afternoon can sometimes be broken up by meetings and calls with clients, so I try to be more organised with my time, so I can complete tasks within a smaller time frame if necessary. As it comes to the end of the day, I will finalise any small jobs or tasks that can free up space for me to focus on a larger project for the next morning.

Have you experienced any opportunity for growth at Napier?

Joining Napier with little to no experience in marketing was a worrying thought when I first applied for the role. But Napier has offered me several opportunities to grow my skills and knowledge as I develop within the position as Marketing Specialist. Whilst I work at Napier, I will be completing a Digital Marketing degree with Chichester College, which begins in September.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and introduction into the industry and I would highly recommend the role to any young and eager people looking to start their path in B2B Marketing.