Callie Bingley - Junior Account Manager

Callie is a Junior Account Manager at Napier and comes from a background in public relations, having previously worked across multiple B2B and B2C accounts in a London-based agency. She has a keen eye for rogue apostrophes and brings creativity to everyday tasks.

She is keen to apply her skills and expertise in media relations, PR and marketing to the B2B Information & Technology sectors and build on them in her role at Napier.


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Senior PR and Marketing Account Manager (Europe)- Job Description

Senior PR and Marketing Account Manager (Europe)

Job Description

The Company

Napier is a well-known, highly respected high-tech PR and marketing agency in Europe. As a successful team with a track record of building brand awareness and accelerating sales for our clients, we are now seeking senior PR and marketing account managers who are looking for their next adventure in the beautiful city of Chichester, just over an hour south of London. This is a chance to gain valuable work experience while making a difference as part of a supportive and energetic European team located near the English South Downs and within easy reach to the rest of Europe. Napier provides innovative and effective campaigns for B2B technology clients from industries including electronics, software, information technology and green energy.

View our full client portfolio here. 

Chichester and Sussex

Based on the South Coast, Chichester is extremely well connected with regular trains to Southampton (52-58 minutes), Portsmouth (23-27 minutes), and Brighton (50-60 minutes). Gatwick Airport is also only one hour away by car.

The sandy dunes at the renowned Witterings beach are only 15 minutes away, and its 10 minutes to the beautiful South Downs.

Company Philosophy and Methodology

Our open approach, and continual focus on our clients’ business goals, creates long-term client relationships. Napier is certified to the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) Communications Management Standard (CMS) – the hallmark of PR excellence.

Napier’s core values are:

  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Improvement
  • Commercial awareness


The ideal candidate for a Napier senior account manager role has an excellent grounding in a broad range of marketing disciplines and is an expert in at least one field of marketing (generally PR). Senior account managers should understand what is involved in marketing budget planning and be able to qualitatively and quantitatively explain the return on investment for different marketing activities. This experience can only be obtained by working in a marketing environment, preferably with both agency and in-house roles. Minimum experience would be a marketing degree or equivalent and five to eight years working in a PR, communications or marketing role.

The Role

Senior account managers undertake all the activities of account management and also will:

  • Have marketing insight that enables them to comment on clients’ marketing plans and advise clients of the best strategy and tactics to achieve their marketing objectives, including how to allocate budget across the marketing mix.
  • Identify ways to increase business within each account and pitch these ideas to the client.
  • Promote Napier within the industry to editors, media reps and other key figures.
  • Build excellent relationships with key editors in the client’s sector.
  • Understand all aspects of marketing, with the ability to interpret.

Essential Skills

  • Strong understanding across marketing disciplines, with the ability to construct a marketing plan outline based on a given budget and a list of marketing objectives. Senior account managers should make recommendations to clients based on their knowledge and experience and underpin this advice with both facts and opinions.
  • Strong background in at least one marketing discipline (e.g. PR, advertising, direct marketing, etc.) within either an in-house marketing department or an agency.
  • Proven track record in all aspects of PR, especially with trade press.
  • Well organised and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously, including presenting succinct reports of project status on a regular and ad-hoc basis. Senior account managers must be able to estimate time for jobs and ensure that jobs are delivered on budget (in terms of cost and time).
  • A very effective verbal communicator, able to persuade clients and explain opinions and facts. Senior account managers are also required to be able to sell services and projects to current and potential clients, and to promote Napier broadly within the industries in which they work.
  • Understanding of the factors that drive the profit and loss of Napier, with the ability to make decisions that optimise the long-term performance of Napier whilst also providing the best services and support to our clients.
  • Ability to help and advise account managers when asked, providing constructive and helpful information and suggestions. Ability to build strong long-term relationships with clients.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with editors – demonstrated both by the confidence to contact/call any editor to pitch a story as well as established relationships with a group of editors in at least one industry.
  • Ability, confidence and credibility to construct and provide advice to senior and top-level marketing staff within clients, backed up by both facts and opinions where necessary.
  • Good numeric skills, with the ability to budget and manage invoicing in multiple currencies
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines, even when priorities are changed frequently by the client.

Senior account managers must always work within the company’s systems and procedures, helping to maintain and strengthen them.

Desirable Skills (Ideally has three)

  • Experience in a broad range of marketing disciplines.
  • Experience in business-to-business marketing.
  • Ability to write good technical or compelling marketing copy.
  • Technical knowledge or interest in computing or electronics.
  • Proven ability to be successful in a marketing role.
  • Specific knowledge or understanding of PR.
  • Understanding of a technology-driven industry.
  • Foreign language skills – almost any European language is relevant, but French and German are particularly beneficial. Ability to work well with people in other countries.
  • Track record of managing difficult customers.
  • Experience of managing and developing major accounts

I’m interested! Sign me up for more info and who do I talk to?

For more info contact Clive Over, Associate Director (Bay Area) at:

[email protected]
+1 415-971-1110

Or Debbie McIntosh, HR Manager (Chichester, UK) at:

[email protected]
+44 (0) 1243 520911

Growing B2B Agency Napier Welcomes Clive Over as Associate Director

Clive Over - Associate Director

Napier has welcomed Clive Over to the Napier team as Associate Director.

Clive joins the team as a Silicon Valley veteran, with more than 20 years’ in the B2B tech industry with leading companies in data storage, enterprise software, data centre and semiconductor markets. He brings to the team extensive experience in building comprehensive integrated marketing and communications campaigns, brand strategies and lead generation programmes. Initially he will work from Northern California and will relocate to the UK in early 2020.

Clive will focus on developing and growing the agency, whilst also supporting major clients including Vicor, Panasas and Semtech.

“I’m delighted to have joined the team at Napier and am looking forward to working with the agency’s roster of great clients,” commented Clive. “This is a fantastic opportunity to join an innovative, growing agency.”

“Clive is a heavyweight marketing director with a fantastic track record in both Europe and the USA,” added Mike Maynard, Managing Director of Napier. “His knowledge and experience will be highly valuable to our clients and also to train and develop the Napier team.”

Napier Named in Top 10 HubSpot Consulting/Service Companies

Here at Napier its no secret that we are a HubSpot agency partner, and as such huge advocates of the HubSpot platform. This is why we were delighted to be approached by Marketing Tech Outlook and asked to feature in their special edition of the 'Top 10 HubSpot Consulting/Service Companies' for 2019.

After careful consideration, we decided the most valuable information we could share with their readers, is how Napier uses a unique approach to help clients utilise tools like HubSpot to increase the speed prospects travel through the funnel.

To read our full article please click here, and why not get in touch to let us know your thoughts on our approach, or to find out more about how we can help you.



Napier's First Trends Webinar

Here at Napier we've decided to take a new approach to sharing our insights of the industry, with our first recorded trends webinar! Our webinar focuses on the latest marketing news and trends including:

  • Some good news about the financial performance of the B2B publishing companies in Europe
  • The implication of layoffs at Aspencore, the largest global publisher of titles for the electronics design industry
  • News from Inbound 2019 about the growth of Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Other ideas from Inbound 2019, including LinkedIn tips and sales emails as part of marketing nurturing workflows

Give our recorded webinar a listen today and get in touch to let us know your thoughts! You can also follow along with our webinar transcript featured in this blog below.

Webinar 1: B2B Marketing Trends October 2019 Transcript

Hannah: Hello everyone, welcome to our first recorded webinar on the latest trends in the industry. Trends in the industry something we look at quite regularly so we thought would be a good topic for us to chat about. I'm Hannah, the Business Development Manager at Napier, and I'm with Mike, Managing Director of Napier. Mike, let's start with what you think is the most interesting research, we’ve completed this quarter.

Mike: Well, the really interesting thing we did was we actually asked B2B publishers how well they're doing. And I think, you know despite what you hear, and clearly the market isn't easy. But things are not as bad as you might think. And in fact, of all the B2B publishers we talked to 68% grew revenues suggesting they're all in pretty good health.

Hannah: Were you surprised by the results. Is it what you were expecting?

Mike: No, I think when you listen to publishers you do hear you know tales of woe and you know clearly as I say it's not an easy market, but for 68% of grown revenue was pretty impressive. And in fact, only one of the publishers out of the 25 that replied, actually saw a decline in revenue more than 5%. So, you know, even though the guys that lost in revenue didn't lose very much.

Hannah: What about the US is this just research that reflects what's going on in Europe, or does it count for the USA as well?

Mike: So, the truth is, is this is just a European survey. We did look up both Western and Eastern Europe. But I suspect the story is very different in the US and actually one of the things we'll talk about is what's happening with one of the big US publishers in a minute, so I think the US is somewhat different to Europe.

Hannah: So, there has obviously been a big shift in the US, with Aspencore can you tell us a bit more about that?

Mike: Yeah, absolutely. So, the US does seem to be having a tough time, I mean, obviously Aspencore is a global publisher. So, they have titles around the globe, I think 21 IC is one of their better-known titles over in China. But what's happened is they've let go some of their most well-known journalists so people like Rick Merrick, Clive Maxfield and Steve Ravitch have left the publishing house, and in Europe actually Jurgen Hubner who I think is reputed to be you know one of the best publishers over here has also been made redundant. And at the same time one of their I think best known salespeople Bob Dumas also resigned in the state so a lot of people leaving.

Hannah: So why is this significant like how does this affect the future of Aspencore?

Mike: Well I think it's interesting, I mean, most people believe that Aspencore probably isn't profitable and some of the comments that Yoko Rashida made when she was talking about these layoffs suggest that's the case. But I think clearly there's a new editorial strategy. I suspect they're probably looking less to generate high-quality in-depth articles in house. They're more focused on news and without a doubt I think they've got a greater focus on growing their business in the Far East, and all of these may be valid things to do so it may not be a bad idea but obviously for those of us in the West it's disappointing to see, you know, such well known editors, leaving their jobs.

Hannah: Very disappointing so obviously saying we've lost some of the best journalist’s kind of within the industry. What is the impact of this? Are we going to see any change?  Do you think the quality of content is going to decline, or they just put in the trust and that they're still going to produce the same level of content without these journalists?

Mike: I think you know; it's going to be hard to generate the kind of quality of content these guys wrote because they were genuinely some of the best in the industry. Having said that, without a doubt, there are still some great journalists left at EETimes so they still have some very strong resources in terms of generating their own content. But it will be interesting to see. I think perhaps more interesting is the impact that being owned by Arrow has had. So, initially I think Arrow was making use of the publications, to both grow their database, and also influence potential lines. And now I think you know that the reality has come home that under Arrow, the publications aren't making money, and clearly Arrow as a public company needs to do something about it. So I suspect you know there's a little bit of reorganization, a little bit of cost saving and perhaps a little bit of change of strategy as well.

Hannah: Well, it's definitely something that we need to keep our eye on and see what happens in the future.

Mike:  Definitely I agree, it's going to be interesting to see what the next step is from Arrow I mean hopefully they'll continue investing and the publications will start growing again.

Hannah: Well, let’s move away from the electronic press industry for a moment and focus on some of your marketing trends findings. I know you recently attended the HubSpot Inbound event and gained some great insight into the continued growth with Account Based marketing.

Mike: Yeah. It's interesting, actually I read recently that I think it was the VP of Marketing for Pardot has decided that account based marketing should now be called account centric marketing and I always feel that when you've got something that people start rebranding then clearly it's kind of hit the mainstream. And to me, you know, the big thing we saw was the size of ABM campaigns and companies where they saw success with ABM growing the number of target customers in their ABM campaigns.

Hannah: And how are they doing that, what are they doing to target, you know, bigger clients on a on a higher level?

Mike: I think actually ABM is a lot simpler in most instances than people think. Conceptually people are targeting customers either through direct mail which is clearly easy, email if they have contacts or perhaps programmatically using, you know, a platform like LinkedIn, which is clearly one of the biggest for ABM. So, the process is fairly simple. I think what is difficult is scaling up. For example, I listened to a presentation by Sigstr that actually developed 1000 customised landing pages, each one targeting a different specific account, and clearly you know generating one landing page is fairly straightforward, generating 1000, even with tools that are available today is incredibly complicated.

Hannah: And would you say you know spending all that time building these landing pages is actually worth the results that they've gained from the experience or is it just a waste of time?

Mike: Well I guess that's the question we're all wondering about, you know, certainly when you listen to the presentations people are talking about fantastic ROI from their ABM campaigns. And that is, to be honest, backed up by industry research and also backed up by own experience. So, you know, I think it's still early days I think it's very hard to compare, but my honest opinion is  that ABM will be one of the most effective channels in terms of ROI going forward, and certainly something everyone should be looking at.

Hannah: That's a really interesting insight Mike and I'm sure other companies are also seeing great results from ABM. But let's move on, and why don't we have a chat about marketing silos.

Mike: Sure. I mean this is something I've been talking about for a while, you know, previously companies always thought in terms of the way content was distributed because distribution typically was expensive. But now, I mean increasingly as an agency, we are thinking about content development and content distribution as being our two core competencies. And that's really because distribution is becoming easier with digital technology, but content development is still time consuming and expensive particularly high-quality content development. And so, it's so important to, once you've developed something to be able to reuse it across a multitude of different tactics.

Hannah: So, moving forward as an agency, what are we trying to do to cater to clients on this?

Mike: Well, I think the main thing we're trying to do is help clients think beyond, you know, a campaign is a particular tactic, and think much more about reaching a target audience, and all the different ways they could do that. You know, typically once you've generated the content and you've got you know one channel working maybe that's email. It can be very easy to then promote the same content for example, through online advertising or you know even targeted as ABM. So, I think it's all about thinking about content reuse and how you can make use of content through different channels. Rather than thinking about individual tactics and this isn't you know for example; this is an email campaign. This is an advertising campaign.

Hannah: And do we think we're seeing great results from this? Is this approach working?

Mike: I think the thing it absolutely does is massively increase the return on investment. And the reason for that is our clients are having to invest less to run more campaigns. If you're generating content for each campaign it's very expensive. If you're able to reuse and repurpose content, then suddenly the campaign costs can be reduced quite considerably. So, clearly that helps massively increase the return on investment.

Hannah: That sounds brilliant definitely a step in the right direction of what we want to achieve.

Mike: Definitely, I think also, people are finding that having the same clear messaging across a number of channels, also makes the campaign more effective. So it's not just a cost thing it's also, you know, increasing results as well so you kind of get, you know, basically benefit on both sides of the coin,

Hannah: That's some interesting stuff, thank you, Mike. Okay, why don't we talk briefly about some other trends now. You know it's clear to see that both influencers for B2B technology and podcast have gained momentum. Would you agree?

Mike: Yeah, I mean this is interesting. If you looked, you know, a couple of years ago there were virtually no podcasts really targeting the B2B tech market, and perhaps there was some, to be honest in the IT sector but in the engineering side there wasn't, and increasingly now more and more people, I see, you know, listening to podcasts in our industry, as well as consumers so I definitely think that that is a growing trend, and it's an indication of the ability of individuals to become influencers. And to be honest this is still very early stages, particularly in an industry like electronics, where basically most of the content being shared is being shared through conventional media. But I certainly think you know influencers are going to grow, both in importance, and also grow their followings as well.

Hannah:  You know I've heard a rumour that Napier is actually featuring on some podcasts soon.

Mike: Yeah, we've actually been asked to appear on a couple of marketing podcast, but we'll see how that goes if it works out well then we'll obviously share the links but if not, I will try and hide them.

Hannah: So, what else have we seen as we make our way through the last quarter of 2019?

Mike: I think one of the things we're seeing is from my point of view, a little bit of sanity really in terms of measuring campaigns so people are focusing on better and simpler metrics. And increasingly, we're seeing clients and other companies recognising that just going for example for the maximum number of clicks doesn't always make the best campaign. So clients are focusing, you know, very simply down onto metrics that that make a difference. It could be for example, registrations, or it could even be sales in campaigns. And as part of that with simpler metrics, it becomes easier to create marketing dashboards because you've got a more consistent set of metrics across different tactics. And so again we're seeing some clients, looking into building marketing dashboards, really for the whole marketing operation, which is great when you can get that working.

Hannah: So, to finish let's take a look at some key inbound tips and tricks that you've uncovered. Would you like to share?

Mike: Yeah, definitely. So, I'm an inbound we have some great sessions talking about how to you know make campaigns more effective. I think there were there were a couple of things that I found particularly interesting one was a session talking about LinkedIn advertising, and there the speaker was very keen to share the results that he sees through the different formats of advertising. So actually, if you look at what they were seeing for example, sponsored content might get a click through rate of 4%. But text ads were 1/40th of a percent so a massive difference in terms of click through rates. Although actually sponsored content, typically cost more per click. But he was talking about this, and the different approaches, which was very interesting we wrote a blog post on that. I also saw more and more people talking about moving the initial sales approach, away from sales and into marketing so effectively during marketing nurturing campaigns. Companies are increasingly sending emails as though they came from the appropriate salesperson. And this is certainly something HubSpot doing, and claiming it is an incredibly effective tactic and something we're looking at doing both for Napier, and also with our clients.

Hannah: Could you share why do you think the connection emails are so successful?

Mike: So, the connection emails, emails from salespeople, I think it's becoming more of a marketing tech tactic rather than a sales tactic. And clearly you know it's typically is a very simple straightforward email, and it's very focused on getting the recipient to either click through a request a meeting or a call, or maybe reply to the email so I think it benefits from two ways one it's quite personal. And secondly, the email also is very focused and industry focused so it helps marketers write an email that's clearly focused on achieving one objective and we all know, the more you can focus on one objective and any kind of piece of marketing content, the more effective that's likely to be.

Hannah: That’s brilliant thank you. And, you know, this is where we were going to finish today, and we've left a link to our trends page so you can read more detail about what we've discussed today, and we hope our insights have been helpful to you.

Growing B2B Agency Napier Welcomes Two New Hires

30th September 2019: Napier, a leading B2B PR and Marketing agency has welcomed two new hires to its team.

Claire Davis joins the team as an Account Manager with over 15 years’ experience working for London-based client and agency side businesses. Claire has managed extensive marketing activity through-the-line, and her account management skills include B2B and B2C campaigns many of which have Pan-European and global reach.

Hayden Reader also join the Napier team as Marketing Specialist, with a full diploma in Information and communications technology. Hayden brings a creative background to his role, and will support the Napier team in various ways, including content marketing, email marketing and marketing automation. Whilst Hayden is working within his role at Napier, he will be completing a Digital Marketing degree with Chichester College.

Napier is delighted to welcome both Claire and Hayden to the team and we look forward to them settling into their respective roles.


Napier is Shortlisted for B2B PR Agency of the Year!

We were extremely pleased to receive the news that Napier has been shortlisted for the B2B PR Agency of the Year award at the B2B Marketing Awards 2019! 

At Napier, we work hard to ensure success for our clients, and its great to see our hard work being recognized by B2B marketing.

Mike Maynard, Managing Director at Napier, commented  "We are thrilled to be on the shortlist for the B2B PR agency of the year award, competition is fierce for this prestigious award, and it's great to see the Napier team's hard work being recognized".

The winner of the award will be revealed on the 28th November 2019, at the awards ceremony at Exhibition in London. Wish us luck!


Success for Napier's Soft ball Cricket Team!

At Napier we are a close-knit team, and recently some of the Napier ladies took the soft ball cricket world by storm, taking part in the ECB Women's soft ball festival at Goodwood house.

After weeks of practice, the team played fantastically, even managing to bowl out our managing director Mike (a cricket fanatic) in the process!

Well done to everyone involved, and go team Napier!