This year we were approached by the organizers of the Electronics Industry Awards to be a charity sponsor.  For us, it was a no-brainer, and we snapped up the opportunity to support and raise awareness of a charity of our choice.

Napier is no stranger to supporting charities, and we regularly provide support to charities from our local St Wilfred’s Hospice to Medecins Sans. In fact, last year we decided to make a charitable donation rather than sending clients’ Christmas gifts, offering them the opportunity to vote for their favourite charity.

But, for the Electronics Industry Awards, we wanted to focus on a charity that dedicates its time to supporting the engineering community, an industry we are really familiar with. This is why we have decided to support Foothold, a charity focused solely on supporting engineers.

Launched in 1890, Foothold aims to ensure that engineers and their families feel supported in all aspects of their lives, from providing bespoke grants to help struggling families, advice and guidance on home and workplace issues and digital resources to help people take control of their wellbeing. Overall, they provide a helping hand so that engineers and their families can meet their needs emotionally, physically and financially.

With 23,722 digital wellbeing sessions delivered to support community members in 2021, and £2.1million spent by Foothold in delivering support across 50 countries, we are delighted to be able to help Foothold in sharing their message at the Electronics Industry Awards 2022 and support them in delivering the fantastic services they provide to the engineering community.

For more information on Foothold, and how you can support them, please click here.