SMART objectives are used by both individuals and businesses to set and achieve goals. By setting goals we can focus on achieving them with the ability to closely monitor and measure progress.

Here at Armitage [note that Armitage is now integrated into Napier], we understand how SMART goals can help businesses grow, which is why our team has designed a free SMART objective generator tool to help you effectively reach and monitor your objectives.

SMART objectives are something which we all can forget to do, or a process which some may think is rather straightforward; but in reality, it’s easy to create our own objectives, but have we considered if they’re specific, measurable or time-bound? Without considering each element of ‘SMART’ our goals are unlikely to be reached.

So what does the ‘SMART’ acronym stand for?

  • Specific – Be specific about what you would like to accomplish- consider the 6 ‘w’s.
  • Measurable – What metrics do you need to use? How will you measure progress?
  • Achievable – Do you have the tools needed for your goal? What can you do to make it attainable?
  • Relevant – Is your goal in line with your overall business objectives?
  • Time-bound – Providing a target date for deliverables is key to reaching your target on time.

Featured on our parent company’s website Napier, our quick and easy tool can help you create your own SMART objectives. Using the tool, simply describe what you want to achieve, how your goals will be measured and what you need to accomplish and it will generate your tailored SMART objective.

Click here to create your SMART objectives and start reaching your goals today!