DFA Media has introduced a re-direction service for its publications, offering the opportunity for readers to have their monthly copy re-directed temporarily to their home address. The opportunity to receive a digital copy is also available and the request can be submitted here. 

We’ve recently heard about the problem of magazines getting to readers due to the global effects of COVID-19; so it’s great to see publishing houses adapt to the current climate and provide readers with options to still receive the monthly copies of their magazines.

Readers can follow the instructions below to take advantage of the re-direction service, or visit a DFA Media publication website to find out more:

Setup delivery to your home address:

  1. Visit: dfamedia.my-subs.co.uk and login
o    Your login will be your email address.

o    If you have forgotten your password you can click
Forgot Password?‘ on the login page to reset it.

  1. Click on ‘My Delivery Address‘.
  2. Answer ‘No‘ to the question “Are all of these details correct?“.
  3. Answer ‘I want this delivered to my home address
    to the question “Why is your address not correct?“.
  4. Enter your new delivery address, and save at the bottom.