EETech has announced the launch of its new media podcast, Moore’s Lobby; an electrical engineering podcast that shines a light on the electronics industry’s most pressing technical issues, from the rise of simulation to the role of analog design.

The podcast will bring a ‘Story First’ content mentality through 30-minute narratives and will be hosted by David Finch, a New York Times bestselling author and 20-year veteran of the electronics industry.

“We’re thrilled to launch the podcast as a new media type for our readers to enjoy as they work, tinker, or relax,” said Kate Smith, Director of Digital Content for EETech. “While the format is new, our dedication remains the same as we pursue excellence in technical accuracy, thought-provoking conversation, and a clear representation of the experiences and challenges EEs face.”

“Moore’s Lobby brings real value to our community by featuring stories about successful EE peers, inspiring them with new ideas for their projects,” added Adam LaBarbera, co-founder and CEO of EETech.

With the first episode due to discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on design engineers around the globe and what they are doing to adjust, we are excited by EETech’s new approach to engage with their readers during this uncertain time and look forward to hearing what we are sure will be positive reviews about the podcast.

The first episode of Moore’s Lobby will go live Thursday, April 30th, and episodes will be released biweekly on all preferred podcast platforms (including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and more). You can listen and subscribe to the podcast here.