Whether you run a business, website, personal blog or social media accounts; Google Analytics is the ultimate free tool you need to adopt to help you succeed in this increasingly important digital world. Do you know where your leads are coming from? How long are customers staying on your website? What social media channels give you the best return of investment?

Google Analytics is an online tool designed to answer these questions by analysing your website traffic. It allows you to understand your website and users to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products and more. Based on one platform, you can gain access to Google’s unique insights and machine learning capabilities to make the most of your data. In fact, Devrix states that at least “38% of companies rely heavily on data to gather information about customer behaviour that they can use to improve their sales flow”.

Google Analytics adds a few lines of tracking code into the code of your website and this then monitors the various actions your website visitors take including: demography, age, pages visited, and time spent on the website. It’s a platform that caters to all levels of experiences, from beginners to full-time professional data analysts.

It’s a helpful tool for marketers because not only is it free, but it allows you to see the performance of all your marketing campaigns whether its Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), new blogs, or sales; and ultimately enables you to make informed decisions on whether those campaigns were successful or not.

The platform allows you to simplify previous mundane tasks, as it automatically collates all the data and puts it into spreadsheets and Google Docs. You can create customized reports, which has easy integration with other tools and platforms, and gives you a deeper understanding of why users are leaving your website, your exact target audience and devices used to access your site.

Google Analytics can also help you find problem pages on your website that aren’t performing at their optimum. However, although you may have found the problem page, it can often be difficult to find the specific issue. For example, it could be the call to action, the loading speed forcing users to leave the site, a broken link or perhaps it’s because the site is not mobile-friendly. Therefore, it may be beneficial to learn more about Google Analytics to gain a competitive advantage.

If you are using Google Analytics, then it’s important that you tag all your adverts, emails and other digital campaigns with the correct coding to ensure that Google Analytics can track results accurately.  At the Napier Group, we have a Google Analytics Link Generator that will ensure you create a link that’s in the right format to transfer data across correctly. Use the tool to enter the details of your campaign and instantly receive your Google Analytics coded link.

Try out our generator today and let us know how it worked for you!