We were delighted to receive the news of a new publication ELETTRONICA-TECH, which has been launched following the recent acquisition of ELETTRONICA AV, and aims to create a community dedicated to the digital transformation of four pillars: Innovation, Electronics, Communication, and Security.

The ELETTRONICA-TECH website will provide solutions, insights, and updates for electronic designers, system integrators, and general technicians; whilst the community approach will allow readers to interact with the editors directly, and each registered user will be notified every time an article is published on the site.

The website will offer specific marketing automation features, with an ‘Active lead generation’ and ‘Passive lead generation’ approach. Both lead generation approaches will score visitors upon registering on the website and will monitor the number of visits, as well as interactions with the articles including comments and reviews.

The ‘Active lead generation’ approach will include an interactive pop-up that will show after being on a specific page for 30 seconds, asking the reader for further information. The sponsor of the page/article will then receive the qualified lead’s details, including name, email, score information, and if they require any further details on the product or company.

In contrast, the ‘Passive lead generation’ approach will not include a pop-up but will store the activity of registered visitors, and the sponsor will again receive lead information including name, email, and score details based on who clicked on the specific article.

With plans for the magazine to be developed and produced by industry professionals, ELETTRONICA-TECH will work alongside ELETTRONICA AV under publisher FW Communication, to cover the entire market from economic, financial, methodological, and business issues, to thematic insights on technology. This will enable the magazines to reach and assist with the needs of two different target audiences: managers and designers.

We think it’s great to see a new publication being launched in these unusual times, with a unique and interesting perspective to provide results via automated lead generation tactics. We look forward to seeing the direction the publication will take moving forward.