EETech media has unveiled its virtual conference ‘Industry Tech Days’, which will be the largest ever virtual trade show and conference for electrical engineers.

Due to be held from 31st August to 4th September 2020, the five-day event will transform the community-driven website All About Circuits into a digital expo floor, allowing attendees the opportunity to step into the traditional trade show environment from the comfort of their own home.

Exhibitors will have digital “booth” landing pages on which to showcase their content, and these booths will provide live interactions through which community members have the opportunity to learn about new products and pose questions in real-time to engineers at their preferred suppliers.

The event will feature 30 plus live sessions, spanning hundreds of topics across 15 premium event tracks which include cybersecurity, IoT Connectivity, Embedded Systems, and Test & Measure Innovations. The virtual platform will also offer participants the opportunity to participate in fireside chats, panel discussions, and specific product training courses.

“In-person events in the foreseeable future will be heavily reduced and limited,” commented Adam LaBarbera, co-founder and CEO of EETech. “Our goal is to replicate the traditional, in-person trade show experience in an internet-suitable format. We want our community to gain significant value from the experience and interaction.”

With a focus on providing content around ‘hot’ topics of interest for All About Circuits users, EETech’s ‘Industry Tech Days’ will certainly be an extremely informative and community-driven event for the industry, with attendees able to discover and access the same high-quality and relevant content they could expect at a normal trade show.

To find out more information, and who you should contact to discuss exhibitor opportunities, please click here.