WEKA FACHMEDIEN publication’s Elektronik and Elektronik Automotive, have announced Elektronik world of solutions a virtual trade fair due to take place from 20th-31st July 2020.

The fair aims to offer companies within the embedded industry a new opportunity to network and exchange information with fellow professionals. As an exhibitor, companies can set up their virtual stands to present product innovations, and visitors can use live chats to get in touch with exhibitors in real time.

The trade fair will also feature a digital exhibitor forum, where exhibitors are invited to share further information via a detailed presentation in a specific speaker slot.

Exhibitors will also receive all contact details of stand visitors, the participants from their speaker slot, and contacts from chat requests, all in compliance with GDPR.

As trade shows continue to be a thing of the past in this new COVID reality, we think its great to see further publications jumping on the virtual bandwagon, and we look forward to hearing the industry’s viewpoint on the fair once it has taken place.

For more information and to find out how you can participate please click here.