Julien happich (far left) in happier times.
Julien Happich (far left) in happier times.

I was really upset to hear that Julien Happich, former editor-in-chief of eeNews Europe, passed away on 11th February. Julien had been a highly respected journalist in the industry for many years, and was one of the first journalists I ever met with when I was working client-side at IDT. Julien was a journalist with great technical knowledge, but was also fun to meet for a briefing. He was interested in the clients and asked great questions: you just had to make sure that you didn’t get him on the topic of cycling as this would mean a long, but fascinating diversion!

Sadly Julien had to step away from his role when he was ill, so he’s not been active in the community for a little while. He leaves a rich legacy, from being instrumental in developing the web presence of European Business Press to making us all want to be able to cycle as far as him. The thoughts of the Napier team are with his family.

Read Julien’s obituary on the eeNews Europe website.

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