Organizers of embedded world have announced that the show will be postponed to June, to allow exhibitors and participants to plan with confidence, due to recent uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now taking place from 21st-23rd June 2022, the trade fair will hold both the conference and exhibition in parallel, with key topics including the current state of research and development, open-source solutions and secure connectivity. The trade fair will also address themes of current interest, such as RISC-V and solutions to problems where chip shortages are evident.

Benedikt Weyerer, Executive Director at embedded world, commented “By deciding at an early stage to defer embedded world 2022 until summer, we are meeting the wishes of many exhibitors and enabling them to plan with confidence. We are very grateful for the many constructive conversations with industry representatives, which provided significant encouragement for this decision. Together with the exhibitors, we are looking forward to seeing the international embedded community again in Nuremberg from 21st to 23rd June.”

The 2022 event will also feature a digital offering, providing global visitors with digital components of the trade fair via the talque platform. This will include showcasing new products and innovations, as well as product presentations and lectures on various topics and application examples.

Although a digital element is available for the 2022 event, it seems that the focus is on ensuring that embedded world can return safely and securely in a face to face format. With the decision made to postpone to accommodate industry expectations, it’s clear to see that both exhibitors and participants support this decision to ensure an even more successful trade fair in 2022.

Here at Napier, we are delighted to see the return of embedded world as a face to face event and look forward to attending the show later on this year.