What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘public relations’? Promoting a band’s latest tour or album? Arranging a viewing of a big fashion label’s new collection? They sound like exciting jobs and the PR industry that serves them, known as ‘business-to-consumer’ or B2C, can make for a worthwhile career.

But it’s not the only type of PR out there. Away from the bright lights of promoting music and fashion (not forgetting less glamorous consumer products like toothpaste, boilers and insurance), there is a whole world of promotional activity that offers great scope for enthusiastic people eager to make their mark.

A lot of businesses sell purely to other businesses. This business-to-business or B2B activity has its own PR industry to support it and being part of it can be immensely rewarding.

Big numbers

So why should you think of getting into B2B PR? For one thing, the sales figures involved can be huge – in the B2C world, you might convince a few extra people to try a new breakfast cereal. But in B2B PR, using the promotional tools at your disposal, you could help your client win a contract worth many millions. Imagine knowing you have helped a company achieve a sale that has a huge impact on its bottom line.

Make a change

Do you care about the environment and pollution? Many of our clients specialise in equipment that cuts the energy use of motors, detects wasteful air leaks or helps keep a lid on pollution of air and water. I’ve lost count of the number of articles and press releases I’ve written that focus on energy efficiency and waste management. Companies want solutions that help them keep waste to a minimum and you could help them find what they are looking for.

Keep it focused

B2B PR is also more focused – rather than the scattergun approach used in the consumer world, you really have to know exactly who you want to reach and how you are going to do it. Which person or role in the company has which challenge? Who makes the decision to buy? What channels do they use and how can you get their attention? Compared to consumer PR, where you never get to know what the mass audience is thinking, in B2B, you get feedback on what works and what doesn’t – this lets you hone your skills and become the PR guru your clients will rely on.

You can cut the fluff

Engineers and production managers also care deeply about what they are buying – they don’t buy multi-million-pound equipment or services on a whim or based on some unscientific marketing fluff. Their own reputations and future of their companies can be on the line if they don’t get it right. This means you have to be clear in your message – show them the real benefits they will get from your client’s solution and how it meets their challenges.

Feel the difference

Your clients’ products will also often be based on some advanced technology or new technique that no-one else can offer. It will differentiate itself from competing solutions so you won’t have to scratch your head making up reasons why people should buy it.

Cool technology

Talking about technology, if it floats your boat, B2B PR could be the job for you. In my time I’ve worked on campaigns involving robots, 5G communications networks and artificial intelligence. B2B products and solutions are complex and fascinating, and many of our clients are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to improve what they can offer.

No dressing up required

Another plus about technology PR is that you don’t have to adopt gimmicks to get yourself noticed – dressing as a Teletubby may work in the consumer world but it’s not going to be relevant to promoting electric vehicle chargers.

So, there you have it, seven reasons to make B2B PR your career path – get set for an amazing career. If you’re interested in learning more, why not reach out to us at jobs@napierb2b.com.


Napier is also recognised as a top B2B PR agency on DesignRush.