AspenCore recently launched some changes to optimize their publication site 

Improvements included adding multi-size functionality, a new mobile billboard ad size, with more space for text and call to action buttons, as well as moving the leaderboard ad above the fold for high viewability.

The restructuring of the site has already achieved significant results in the first month of being live, with a 20x increase in CTR on desktop, and mobile ad size; and for in-network viewability, Aspencore has seen, on average, an increase of 30%.

With plans to add more ‘high impact’ ad units for more site sponsorship opportunities, it’s clear to see that AspenCore is taking the performance of their sites seriously, and looking for ways to improve results for advertisers, as well as optimize the site for visitors.

Aspencore will also be exhibiting at PCIM Europe 2022, at Hall 6, booth 400, with sales, editorial and a full video team on-site.