Launched in April 2020, Elettronica Tech is about to celebrate its third birthday of informing technicians and electronic designers about current industry news and updates. Following a successful three years with 3,000 subscribers and nearly 1,000 articles published by over 250 different suppliers, Elettronica Tech has launched “Enriched News”.

“Enriched news” (EN) has been launched to add to their technical offering and provide information about price and inventory information updated in real-time.

To make this possible, Elettronica Tech has formed a new partnership with, a European search engine for electronic components, which inserts price and inventory information directly onto Elettronica Tech’s site.

Thanks to this new partnership, Elettronica Tech has become the first Italian news site to include real-time price and inventory information alongside its news page. At the bottom of each article, a table will be displayed showing who the suppliers are, how much stock they have available and at what price. This new feature aims to streamline the process of getting in touch with the supplier, requesting quotations, and finalizing orders.

This new addition to the Elettronica Tech site is an interesting development for the publication. Having the data directly on article pages offers the opportunity to speed up the basic evaluation process and potentially create new opportunities for distributors. We’re looking forward to seeing how this new feature will be received by readers and the benefits it will provide to its users.