Bodo’s Power SystemsWide Bandgap Event’ will be taking place in Munich from the 12th to the 13th of December 2023. It will bring together innovators and industry experts from all around the globe to discuss the potential of wide bandgap power semiconductors.

The two-day event will kick off with a keynote session alongside a roundtable, followed by an opportunity for attendees to network and learn from other professionals within the industry.

The second day will contain two parallel tracks, one for SiC and one for GaN. The event will also feature a tabletop exhibition in the foyer, where visitors can get up-to-date information and learn about the latest products and services.

It’s great to see Bodo continuing to provide such a fantastic event on wide bandgap power semiconductors, and we looking forward to hearing what we are sure will be positive feedback from the industry.