Electronic Specifier has officially launched the first issue of Procurement Pro. The new magazine will highlight the elaborate and fast-paced reality of the procurement industry.

Launched as a subsidiary of Electronic Specifier, Procurement Pro aims to be one of the ‘go-to’ guides for industry professionals.

The electronics component market faces many challenges, including evolving technological requirements, geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions and many more. These all require a new approach from procurement specialists and the new publication offers solutions to these challenges through content which communicates expert insights, analysis and leadership perspectives. The publication covers a range of topics from global market trends and procurement technology innovations to supply chain management best practices.

Procurement pro will be issued on a quarterly basis and will include future topics like Environmental Sustainability, Regulation, Supply Chain Management, Risk Management and Obsolete Parts.

Here at Napier, we were excited to see the first-ever Procurement Pro launched and look forward to seeing the future success of the publication unfold.