Account Based Marketing (ABM) - How You Can Ensure Success

At Napier, one of the leading B2B ABM agencies, we believe that Account Based Marketing is a fantastic strategic approach for account awareness in which businesses can approach individual prospects or accounts.

What benefits can ABM bring you?

  • An opportunity to get personal
  • Higher chances to acquire targeted clients
  • Promoting your company’s USPs
  • Cost efficiency
  • Trust based relationships

On this page you will find everything you need to know about Account Based Marketing, to ensure your success. From the Top 7 Account-Based Marketing Challenges to a case study of how ABM helped one of our clients; this page provides you with the opportunity to learn how ABM works and the fantastic benefits its brings. Alternatively to get help with your next campaign, find out more about our ABM services.

ABM Advisor Tool

The Napier ABM advisor asks questions about your target customers to determine the best approaches for your ABM campaign. It’s intended as an initial guide, rather than providing an absolute solution for your campaign: everyone’s situation is different so it’s always worth talking with Napier to find out if anything might change our initial recommendations.

Currently the following tactics are addressed by the ABM advisor:

  • LinkedIn
  • CRM retargeting
  • Email and marketing automation
  • Landing pages and nurturing
  • Programmatic ABM Platforms
  • Website Customisation
  • Sales and CRM Systems
  • Postal Mailing

Find out how the ABM Advisor works 

Napier Webinars

Napier’s webinars provide the latest guidance and insight into key marketing trends. From Marketing Automation, ABM, to even Artificial Intelligence, we cover integral and relevant topics with the aim to help you be successful in B2B marketing. We are continually adding new content, so be sure to check back regularly.

Check out these episodes:

The Napier Podcast's

Napier’s podcasts, Marketing B2B Technology and The Marketing Automation Moment, offers the latest guidance and insight into key marketing trends, including ABM.

The Marketing B2B Technology podcast features interviews with leading B2B marketers and marketing technology providers, such as Act-On, SharpSpring and Sendinblue. Get the latest insights into marketing business-to-business technology products.

In The Marketing Automation Moment, Mike Maynard, Managing Director and Napier, and Hannah Kelly, Head of Business Development and Marketing and Napier, discuss the latest from marketing automation vendors and analysts, providing context to the newest features, latest tools and regulations that impact marketing automation professionals. They also share tips on how to improve your marketing automation campaigns.

ABM- Where Are We Now?

It’s safe to say that Account-Based-Marketing (ABM) is now an embedded strategy in the B2B space and that it isn’t going anywhere. ABM likes to shift shape, taking many forms including account-based-marketing, account-based-everything, and account-based-sales. Whatever name you choose to call it, they are essentially the same thing and is something you should be looking into it if you’re not already utilising it.

In our blog post, we explore where ABM is now and what marketers can expect from the future, and cover topics such as:

  • Whether the future of B2B marketing will solely be account-based
  • How the roles of marketing and sales are changing
  • Common challenges marketers are facing

You can read the blog post here.

Why isn’t Everyone Using Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

Account Based Marketing works in the sense that it is low cost and delivers high quality leads. But why isn’t everyone using this strategy?

In our blog post, we take a look at the reasons why companies do not commit to ABM and analyse how they can overcome some perceived barriers.

Some of the barriers we cover in the blog include:

  • ‘We Keep Reaching The Same People’
  • ‘We Dont Have Major Accounts’
  • We Keep Reaching The Same People’
  • GDPR

You can read the blog post here, or contact us to find out how a leading ABM agency could help launch your next campaign.

Top 7 Account-Based Marketing Challenges and How to Solve Them

Account Based Marketing brings many benefits to businesses however, there are also some challenges and obstacles you need to overcome. Have a read of our LinkedIn SlideShare to find out the 7 account based marketing challenges and how you can overcome them.

Top 5 facts you need to know about Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account Based Marketing is becoming an essential concept, as more companies are gaining successful results. Our blog post gives you 5 top compelling facts you need to know.

The 5 top facts will cover:

  • Improving consistency
  • Strengthening retention
  • Personalised communications
  • Marketing Automation is a key tool for ABM
  • Return on Investment

5 Effective Ways you can Use Personalization with ABM

With Account-Based Marketing providing companies with a strategy that can support long term business plans, its vital companies use ABM effectively with personalisation to ensure the target audience engages with the content and company.

In our blog post, we share 5 effective ways you can apply personalisation to your ABM strategy, and cover:

  • How to define personas to develop core content
  • Using storytelling to enhance ABM campaigns
  • Personalizing the ABM destination
  • How to use visuals to your advantage
  • Taking it one step further with video

Read the blog post here to find out more.

Diving Down the Funnel with ABM – Marketo Presentation at the Adobe EMEA Summit

We share the insights we learnt from Melanie Gipp, a senior marketing manager from Marketo, who shared how Marketo runs its ABM campaigns.

Read the blog here and discover:

  • Marketo’s recipe for success
  • How Marketo determines and tiers target accounts
  • The personalisation tactics they undertake
  • Why data is so important

Profiling Stakeholders in an ABM Campaign: Why OrgChartHub is such a Cool Tool

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is one of the hottest topics for B2B technology marketers: Get it right and the results can be almost magical. Since it was pioneered by the ITSMA, ABM has grown in adoption and impact.

In our blog, we explore the ITSMA seven-step process for ABM, and how tools such as OrgChartHub can help marketers profile stakeholders and generate success.

Find out more by reading our blog now. 

Strategy and Metrics for ABM

It’s important to understand how you can measure and optimize your ABM marketing campaigns to ensure they are performing well and improving over time. You should be focussing on the results for each individual campaign when first starting with ABM as this will be easier to draw conclusions.

Our blog explores how you can measure the success of your ABM campaigns by:

  • Looking at coverage and how complete your account data is
  • The level of engagement and time accounts are spending on your content
  • If your campaigns are generating awareness
  • If your campaigns are generating revenue

Napier Case Study - Driving Traffic Through Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Working with our client Vicor, we ran an ABM campaign utilising their existing content and ensuring that it reached out to key target accounts.

The campaign goals included:

  • Increasing awareness on Power on Package product in Europe for key targets utilising LinkedIn and AdRoll’s targeting features
  • Secure a meeting or phone call with a relevant contact at our target account
  • Drive 50 views of relevant PoP content from targeted accounts

To read more regarding the activities and results of the campaign, click here.

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