LinkedIn - Everything You Need to Know to Succeed

At Napier, we know it can be hard to use B2B LinkedIn to your full advantage. With 467 million members on LinkedIn, it can be difficult to optimise your content and make your company page stand out.

We understand the struggles you can face, and searching for advice on LinkedIn Marketing can sometimes feel endless. Well, look no further. On this page, you will find everything you need to know about achieving success on LinkedIn. From tactics, to guides and even blog posts, there’s no need to look any further for help with your LinkedIn Marketing.

Driving Traffic Through Account Based Marketing (ABM)


Working with our client Vicor, we ran an ABM campaign on LinkedIn to target key accounts identified as having the biggest impact on the sales and success within Europe.

The campaigns set goals were to:

  • Increase awareness of Power on Package (PoP) product in Europe for key targets utilising LinkedIn and AdRoll’s targeting features
  • Secure a meeting or phone call with a relevant contact at our target account
  • Drive 50 views of relevant PoP content from targeted accounts

Read the full case study here

How Does LinkedIn Match Job Titles for Advertising Campaigns?


If you are running B2B LinkedIn advertising campaigns, you’ve probably realised that the more targeted you can be, the better the results – the ability to target exactly who you want to communicate with is the superpower of this important advertising platform. But it’s important to understand that job title is not an exact match: LinkedIn groups job titles so you need to be very careful to make sure you are hitting the right people for all of your campaigns.

Read the blog post here.

Marketing B2B Technology Podcast


Napier’s Marketing B2B Technology podcast features interviews with leading B2B marketers and marketing technology providers, such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social. Get the latest insights into marketing business-to-business technology products.

ABM Advisor Tool


The Napier ABM advisor asks questions about your target customers to determine the best approaches for your ABM campaign, including LinkedIn campaigns. It’s intended as an initial guide, rather than providing an absolute solution for your campaign: everyone’s situation is different so it’s always worth talking with Napier to find out if anything might change our initial recommendations.

Find out how the ABM Advisor works.

Napier Webinar: How to Crush Your First Paid LinkedIn Campaign


Paid LinkedIn campaigns can offer a great RoI, are low cost and quick to set up. However, the success of these campaigns relies on the finer details when setting up, and there are a few things marketers need to consider to be successful.

Napier’s webinar ‘How to Crush Your First Paid LinkedIn Campaign’, shares insights into how B2B marketers can crush their first paid LinkedIn campaign, by exploring:

  • How to define the best audience for your campaign
  • Recommendations to improve performance
  • Why demographics are so important
  • Ad format options
  • Bidding tips

Download Our Visual Guide to Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page


We know that your LinkedIn Company Page is a unique, online beacon for both prospective customers and prospective employees’, and because of this we understand that having that ‘perfect’ LinkedIn company page is crucial for success.

Why not download our guide, and let us walk you through the process of creating a LinkedIn company page that creates instant success.

Download here

Knowing the Metrics for LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns


Often, one of the most common questions we get asked by clients is ‘How do we compare?’ A vitally important question, yet benchmark reports are often hard to get. This is why we were pleased to see a blog post from our LinkedIn consultant Felim McMahon, explaining Benchmarking and Optimisation for LinkedIn Advertising.

In our blog post, we take a look at the interesting insight these numbers provide, and what this means we should expect from our B2B LinkedIn advertising in the future.

Find the post here

The Latest on the Specification for LinkedIn Sponsored Updates


Last year LinkedIn gradually started rolling out its new desktop experience, changing the way sponsored content will be displayed. With sponsored content providing the best ROI on LinkedIn for B2B marketers, we felt it was only right to write a blog to help you understand what these changes will mean for B2B marketers.

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How Does LinkedIn Perform for B2B Businesses?


LinkedIn has quickly grown from a tiny professional networking site to a strong marketing force in the B2B industry. But, with online continually developing, it has many questioning whether LinkedIn has actually been providing results to B2B companies in terms of lead generation. Well, where we’re standing, it definitely does… and we’ve shared our campaign promotional tactics to ensure you achieve success!

Read the blog here

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Our Latest LinkedIn insights from INBOUND 2017


Napier attended HubSpot’s 2017 INBOUND conference, and we were present for one interesting presentation, that finally revealed the secrets of achieving explosive success on LinkedIn. From the benefits of LinkedIn publisher, customizing your content and article writing; in this blog, we share all the secrets to achieving not just success, but explosive success on LinkedIn.

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