Marketing Research

Good campaigns are built on insight. Our research helps you understand the customers, markets and technologies you are addressing, providing the deep insight that drives great campaigns. We help you determine the most effective channels to reach the target audience and find “hot buttons” that excite and engage journalists and influencers, allow you to take advantage of them. Napier’s research team helps clients build deep insight that enables them to guide the target audience along the customer journey to deliver commercial results.

Benchmark Studies, Research Reports and Competitive Analysis

We’ve made some of our research available to download from our website for free. But this is only a tiny fraction of what we do: from the journalist benchmark studies we conduct for all our new clients to competitive analysis and bespoke studies of specific markets, our campaigns are built upon a foundation of deep market insight. We offer truly data driven PR and Marketing.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”
– Alexander Graham Bell

Research Partners

Our research often finds its way into clients’ press releases, and it’s often used by publishers to help them plan and promote their titles. Our partnership with the University of Chichester, however, ensures we approach all our research projects with the academic rigour that ensures confidence and credibility in the results.

Electronics Industry Research

We specialize in researching the opinions and needs of engineers in the electronics industry and have our own panel of engineers to help our clients craft messages that resonate with them. With bespoke and omnibus research services, it’s easy to get detailed research or quick answers.

How we deliver the service

We build practical research studies that provide actionable information to enhance your campaigns. Whether it is competitive media analysis or understanding the perceptions of your audience, Napier’s research services will help you learn more about your prospects.

What makes us different

  • Actionable results that help you create better campaigns.
  • Unique panel of engineers in the electronics industry.
  • Partnership with universities ensures academic rigour.

Case Studies

Generating leads with a minimal budget spend

We decided to run a competition aimed at design engineers, hobbyists & makers

Generating leads and positioning brand with a webinar

Generating leads and positioning brand with a webinar

Penn Engineering Case Study Banner Image

Generating Leads Through Email Marketing and Landing Pages

"Chloe has done a great job for us in the short amount of time she has been on the account. She has gained a good understanding of our business quickly"