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Some news, tips and tricks from the world of marketing that caught the attention of the team at Napier. Our marketing blog is where we share some of the things that have inspired, impressed or amused us.

3 Tips for Managing the Changing B2B Buyers Journey

12th Oct 2015 • Leave a comment

The modern day buyer has far more control over their purchase journey than the vendor has over the selling cycle, a shift in dynamics that has changed the B2B buyers’ journey. The fact is, buyers can be as much as 90% of the way through their purchase journey before they engage with sales, and while…

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The Latest B2B Tech Trends to Watch

9th Oct 2015 • Leave a comment

As the technology available to marketers continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, it becomes more and more challenging for brands to identify which tactics they should be adopting. Despite this challenge, marketers must remain up-to-date with the latest and greatest tech trends and tactics in the B2B space, and having combined our current insights,…

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The Top 10 Changes in B2B PR Over the Last Decade

9th Oct 2015 • Leave a comment

The driver behind effective PR remains the same as it did 10, 20 even 30 years ago: strong messaging and quality writing. So what exactly has changed in PR from then to now? Well, just about everything. Here are our top 10 changes in B2B PR from the last decade. 1. Increased Channels. One of…

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7 Changes in B2B Tech Marketing

6th Oct 2015 • Leave a comment

The emergence of digital has resulted in significant changes in B2B tech marketing, and there has been a subsequent shift in the way marketers are required to engage with their target audiences, present their brand and communicate their key messages. A result of both the substantial increase in marketing channels and tactics now available, as…

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21 Marketing Tips and Takeaways from Inbound 2015

6th Oct 2015 • Leave a comment

Boston; home of Fenway Park, the Freedom Trail, too many Dunkin Donut’s to count and HubSpot’s annual Inbound Conference. Having returned from Inbound 2015, we’re happy to say it didn’t disappoint. With inspirational keynotes and speeches from the likes of Seth Godin, Brene Brown and Aziz Ansari, it’s safe to say we laughed a lot,…

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Extend Social Media Ad Reach With Twitter Audience Platform

1st Sep 2015 • Leave a comment

Twitter recently announced that its Twitter Publisher Network has been renamed Twitter Audience Platform, and will now enable advertisers to create campaigns that deliver ads to users on or off the social media platform. The Twitter Publisher Network previously enabled advertisers to connect with users outside of Twitter, by providing an interface for buying campaigns…

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How To Address the Disconnect Between Tech Marketers and IT Buyers

14th Aug 2015 • Leave a comment

A client recently asked me which content IT buyers value the most when making purchase decisions, and one piece of research used quite frequently, to address this exact question, is Spiceworks’ How to Win Friends and Influence IT Pros report. According to the 2014 report, there is a significant disconnect between the types of content…

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LinkedIn Launches Tool to Measure Users’ Professional Brand

7th Aug 2015 • Leave a comment

Users with a high Social Selling Index are 51% more likely to meet their sales targets LinkedIn has released a data-driven score tool called Social Selling Index (SSI), which enables companies to measure how successful they are at promoting their brand on the site, and how effective they are at engaging other members. LinkedIn’s SSI…

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6 Lessons in Managing the Media: Email Training Series

27th Jul 2015 • Leave a comment

While the ability to deliver clear and compelling messaging is key for an effective PR strategy, great PR campaigns require great media relationships and a thorough understanding of the media landscape. Napier’s 7 day email training series has been designed to provide guidance on effectively managing the media, and meeting editor expectations in a B2B…

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Adobe Questions Value of Mobile Visitors as Webmasters Continue to Freak Out Over Google’s Mobilegeddon

24th Jul 2015 • Leave a comment

Earlier in the year we were warned that if websites remained non-responsive after April 21st, Google would penalise your site and you would see your ranking position decrease significantly. Google’s algorithm, also known as Mobilegeddon, was introduced to give mobile-friendly sites higher priority in organic searches, and since implementing this update, sites that have failed…

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Why Doesn’t Anyone Read My Content? A Three-Step Process to Building Audience Insight

21st Jul 2015 • Leave a comment

Generating content that cuts through the noise and grabs attention is integral to the success of any PR and marketing campaign, but many content marketing campaigns fail for the simple reason that the target audience doesn’t read or view the content. Creating great content requires a three-step process to build insight about the audience. You…

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Email Rendering on Apple Watch: Are Plain Text Emails the Future?

15th May 2015 • Leave a comment

While the release of the eagerly-awaited Apple watch is finally upon us, it’s left many email marketers and designers questioning how exactly their emails will display on the watches 38mm screen. While it’s hard to gauge the long-term success of Apple’s latest innovation, email marketers should be aware of how this gadget may impact the…

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Great B2B Campaigns Need Deep Insight

13th May 2015 • Leave a comment

Great campaigns are driven by insight: brands and agencies understanding the perceptions of potential customers and how to change them to help the client achieve their business goals. There has never been a better opportunity to gain this insight: before the advent of digital PR, data was a scarce resource, which meant that for many…

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Ideas for B2B Lead Generation

1st Apr 2015 • Leave a comment

While there is no doubt that lead generation can be challenging, the ability to provide qualified opportunities to your direct and channel sales force, is one of the highest ROI marketing activities you can undertake. The abundance of information readily available online has changed the traditional buying process, and marketers now need to find new…

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What makes customers “click” on email campaigns?

26th Mar 2015 • Leave a comment

Email service provider Constant Contact has released new research findings, revealing exactly what it is that makes customers not only click-through emails, but also connect with the small businesses that are reaching out to them. The data, which was collected using over 2.1 million customer emails, sent to more than 100 recipients, during the course…

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5 Things B2B Buyers Want from Your Content

25th Mar 2015 • Leave a comment

Every savvy marketer knows that content marketing has become a crucial element in nurturing prospects into sales-ready leads, but it’s not often that, as marketers, we get pure insight from the B2B buyers themselves, as to what they value and ultimately want from content. Fortunately for us, CMI have recently interviewed over 100 business and…

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Evaluating PR Campaigns

19th Mar 2015 • Leave a comment

Evaluating PR campaigns is difficult! Marketing managers spend huge amounts of time and effort, but when the order arrives it’s often the sales team that gets the glory! Our SlideShare presentation highlights the different approaches you can use to evaluate PR campaigns and demonstrate their impact. It concludes that you might already know the best…

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You Should Be Sending More Email Campaigns

12th Feb 2015 • Leave a comment

There is no denying that emails are one of the most powerful tools in any marketers’ toolbox, and their ability to quickly and effectively measure the impact of any given campaign, particularly in such a data driven era, makes it a highly valuable channel. The reality, however, is that while statistics are readily available from…

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Understanding the B2B Buying Landscape: Infographic

30th Jan 2015 • Leave a comment

B2B buyer behaviour has been under the microscope for many years, and as buyers continue to evolve as quickly as the media and channels around them, the need for marketers to truly understand their purchasing decisions has never been more important. Already in its fifth year, B2B Marketing and BaseOne’s collaborative Buyersphere report once again…

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B2B Marketing Trends: What to Expect in 2015

16th Dec 2014 • Leave a comment

It barely feels like a year has passed since we last thought about what the new one will bring, but with January fast approaching, these are our predictions for what will be the top marketing tactics for driving results in 2015. 1) Clients make bigger content investments Last year we predicted that in-depth and longer-length…

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Google introduces four new mobile-focused display ad formats: what advertisers need to know

29th Sep 2014 • Leave a comment

Google has recently unveiled four new mobile-focused display ad formats, across the Google Display Network, AdMob Network and DoubleClick. With multi-screen viewing growing rapidly, Google has introduced these newly-developed display formats in a bid to improve its mobile platforms for marketers, by providing brands and consumers with a better experience across different mobile devices. In…

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The top factors determining Google search ranking in 2014?

19th Sep 2014 • Leave a comment

To achieve good ranking positions in Google organic search results, publishers need to include high-quality content on pages, according to a recent report from Searchmetrics. Pages that rank well tend to have a number of common traits, including comprehensive coverage of topics, easy-to-understand language, more images and videos, and larger word counts. Overall, the presence…

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Facebook’s click-bait crackdown: implications for marketers

29th Aug 2014 • Leave a comment

Facebook has announced adjustments to the way in which users see articles on its site, reducing stories with click-bait headlines – posts that tempt readers with beguiling headlines, yet deliver content that is actually of very little interest to the reader. Despite these “click-bait” headlines once being favoured by the algorithm, because they are frequently…

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Twitter launches performance-based tool aimed at SMBs: Possible implications for B2B publishers?

20th Aug 2014 • Leave a comment

The 140-character  social network has rolled out a new pricing model for marketing campaigns, designed specifically for SMBs, allowing advertisers to purchase ads based on, what it claims to be, “objective based” goals, for instance clicks, engagements or leads. This performance-based tool has specifically been introduced to help SMBs meet their campaign objectives on the…

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Use LinkedIn’s new enterprise sales tool for social selling

8th Aug 2014 • Leave a comment

I’m sure that the vast majority of B2B marketers will, at the very least, acknowledge the value of LinkedIn for business, and with social selling having become an increasing focus within many organisations, LinkedIn have upped their game, and most likely their value to these B2B professionals, by launching a new version of enterprise sales…

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