Having held both client-side and agency-side roles, I know that sometimes it’s the simple things that make marketing difficult, and that literature management is a particularly challenging problem. Even though the Internet has simplified the problem significantly, getting the right literature – both electronic and printed – to the sales channel quickly and efficiently is still a challenge. I have been lucky enough to be involved in a project to deliver a system to manage literature requests for one of our clients, helping specify some of the functionality, and was really impressed at the system created by the software company. Sales people and distributors can request printed brochures, flyers, seminar invites and other literature online, as well as downloading digital versions. The system automates the shipping process and tracks costs. The client used a company called the Dopla Group, who can deliver similar bespoke systems tailored to the needs of our industry. For more information, contact me and I’d be happy to put you in contact with the clever programmers at the Dopla Group.