I must have missed a release at some point. I got a release telling me that “National Electronics Week delivers ‘best value’ for UK electronics professionals” and despite the uninspiring title I began to read. Now I’m really hoping that National Electronics Week is a success – and definitely believe that the partnership with Electronics Weekly to launch EW Live! is a great move to try to attract semiconductor companies to the event. But you have to be realistic that attracting visitors is tough in the UK. Then, however, I saw that Richard Noble will be at the event. How had I missed that he would be there?

If you’re not an engineer, you might not know who I’m talking about. But if you are you’ll know. And he will be at the show! Richard “my car did 763mph” Noble. Richard “my JCB diesel car did 350mph, and that was because the tyres weren’t rated to go any faster” Noble! Richard “I’m now working on a project to design a car that does 0-1000mph in 40 seconds” Noble!!!!

What other reasons do you need to attend?