I was interested in the Guardian’s article on the recent “Panda” update to the Google search algorithm. The article reports that a number of well-known technology sites have been hit by the update:

Pocket LintElectric PigTech RadarTechEye, The Register’s hardware site RegHardwarePC AdvisorIT Pro Portal and the venerableComputer Weekly sites have all been hit by the reordering, which means that they fall down in Google’s rankings on any given set of keywords – and so their traffic from search results falls dramatically.

Although the quest for quality will inevitably mean that there are as many winners as well as losers, some of these sites are about as far away from “search engine spam” as you can get. It’s great that engineers are working on improving the quality of SERPS, but I hope that Google doesn’t end up throwing out good quality sites with the bad ones.

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