6 Billion Pages Flipped a Month on Flipboard

Prompted by the success of its user-created social magazines, Flipboard is no longer solely a mobile app and has been made available on the web.

Previously, only users of the Flipboard app were able to view these magazines, but now users are able to share them with readers who don’t necessarily use the app, for instance through social media or email.

Since the launch of Flipboard 2.0 in March 2013, more than 2 million magazines have been made, covering every topic imaginable, and users of the app are able to collect and share articles, images, facts, quotes and more from the internet, forming a magazine focused on personal interests.

Curated content has become an effective tactic within content marketing, and brands are already seeing the benefits of using others’ useful & informative content within their blogs and social media sites. Flipboard is essentially designed around curated content, and for this reason marketers should be adopting it as marketing tactic.

Why not create your own brand magazine, using content from your owned media? It will only increase exposure, however it should be noted that if you opt to do this, we strongly recommend using it within curated content, in order to gain credibility.

It is hoped that this web experience will increase Flipboards reader base across the internet, with these web magazines uniquely designed for desktop browsing, using the same look and feel as the traditional app. And with 6 billion pages flipped a month already, it’s a sure bet that Flipboard are starting to make their mark in the increasingly cluttered social world.

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