Organic Listing Improved Paid Click Rate by 64%

If you haven’t heard already, Google has introduced a new feature in the form of a paid and organic report in AdWords. The report provides advertisers, for the first time, with a combined dashboard of metrics for their performance of both paid and organic search for keywords.

As well as serving to analyse and optimise your search footprint, this report will also enable you to determine if there are keywords that can be supplemented with paid ads.

Until now AdWords had no optimization report and showed organic and paid performance separately, with no insight into user behaviour when they overlapped. This new paid & organic report will let you see and compare your performance for a given keyword/phrase either for an ad, an organic listing, or when both appear on the search results page.

The fact that in the sample screen shots in Google’s documentation show that an organic listing improved paid click rate by 64%, is exactly the reason paid and organic need to be integrated, and exactly why this report will be beneficial to your company.

Here are some ways you can use the new AdWords paid and organic report:

  • Discover additional keywords where you might have impressions on an organic search, but without any related ads.
  • Optimize your presence on high value keyword phrases, to see where you need to improve your presence.
  • When testing website improvements, adjust your keywords, bids and budgets accordingly by comparing traffic across both AdWords and organic.

Remember that in order to take advantage of the report, you will need to link your AdWords account to a Webmaster Tools Account.