Facebook’s market share of ad-revenue anticipated to see three-fold increase

Facebook has well and truly taken a U-turn, with Google’s ad-placing service DoubleClick announcing that they will be working alongside the social network giant, allowing clients to buy advertising space; something that Facebook did not previously allow.

Up until this recent announcement, Facebook did not permit DoubleClick to sell ad space, and there is no apparent reason for their sudden change of heart. What is apparent though is that the deal comes at a time when the social networks market share of ad-revenue is expected to reach 15.8%, up from 5.35% in 2012.

The deal will allow for those on DoubleClick Bid Manager to buy inventory on Facebook Exchange (FBX), Facebook’s real-time bidding exchange, and it is set to give both companies a new stream of ad revenue and commission.

Despite these potentially lucrative benefits for the companies involved, the deal set to start in only a few months, won’t benefit B2B companies as much as their B2C counterparts. For many B2B companies, Facebook is not a particularly effective social media channel when it comes to marketing.

The move also sees us heading towards a situation where Google controls a large percentage of the advertising market. But what exactly will this mean for marketers? Only time will tell.