Twitter_logo_blueThe 140-character  social network has rolled out a new pricing model for marketing campaigns, designed specifically for SMBs, allowing advertisers to purchase ads based on, what it claims to be, “objective based” goals, for instance clicks, engagements or leads.

This performance-based tool has specifically been introduced to help SMBs meet their campaign objectives on the platform, and promises to help advertisers create and optimise marketing campaigns, by enabling them to only pay for the actions that meet their objectives, whether this be to drive followers, website clicks or conversions, tweet engagements, app installs, engagements or leads.

With SMBs typically having smaller budgets, this tool could be particularly beneficial as it will allow for a much more focused approach to advertising efforts, potentially providing them a better understanding of how to create and optimise campaigns in order to maximise their ROI. While this is a huge benefit to advertisers, it could in fact present a potential problem for B2B publishers. If more platforms migrate towards this cost-per-action based charge, there is the risk that B2B publishers won’t be able to compete on price with social media networks, something could potentially ruin their ability to claim a much higher cost-per-impression than other platforms.