A client recently asked me which content IT buyers value the most when making purchase decisions, and one piece of research used quite frequently, to address this exact question, is Spiceworks’ How to Win Friends and Influence IT Pros report.

According to the 2014 report, there is a significant disconnect between the types of content IT buyers use to guide their purchase decision, and the types of content tech marketers are investing in and using to target this audience.

92% of IT buyers use IT forums, indicating that they value detailed tech content, and while 95% of marketers are in fact using social media, they are predominantly focused on standard platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, rather than IT specific forums.

Additionally, amongst marketers there is an evident focus on case studies and white paper generation, and while this is certainly valued, IT buyers actually place more value on article placements, suggesting decision makers want more bite size content, and value the editorial endorsement that is implied by getting an article published.

79% of IT buyers use webinars for information consumption at different stages of their purchase journey, however only 70% of marketers are using this as part of their content marketing strategy, suggesting a significant opportunity to reach buyers.

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So what’s the best type of content to produce? The reality is there is no “silver bullet”; you should produce a range of content in different lengths and formats, in order to accommodate information preferences and time constraints of IT buyers. That said, there are certainly activities you should be investing in, such as PR to secure article placements, as well being active on IT forums. For more information on the resources B2B buyers consult to guide their purchasing decisions, read our blog post 5 Things B2B Buyers Want From Your Content.