Twitter recently announced that its Twitter Publisher Network has been renamed Twitter Audience Platform, and will now enable advertisers to create campaigns that deliver ads to users on or off the social media platform.

The Twitter Publisher Network previously enabled advertisers to connect with users outside of Twitter, by providing an interface for buying campaigns that ran on mobile apps, as well as through publishers using Twitters’ acquired mobile ad exchange, MoPub.

The new platform will expand on these capabilities, and allow advertisers to optimise and increase engagement, by moving promoted tweets into several additional ad formats. As an example, tweet engagement campaigns will become interstitial and native ads in other apps, while promoted video campaigns can be turned into in-app video apps, and app install or re-engagement campaigns can become interstitial or banner ads. Additionally, users will be able to retweet and favourite the ads, even when they appear on other sites, and Twitter have also added customisable call to action buttons which will help you better drive desired user action.

The social media network claims its developed platform can reach more than 700 million users on and off of Twitter.


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