There are really only two reasons why companies need marketing and PR, either they have something to sell or they want to raise their profile. Marketing and Sales teams need to work together in order to meet sales targets and often there is a degree of tension between these two departments as Sales want better quality leads from the Marketing team. Marketing Automation can improve this relationship and boost the bottom line, making a happier and more profitable sales team…but how?

  • Build the Sales Funnel

Anyone knows that the more opportunities the sales team have, the better the chances of success. Marketing automation enables businesses like yours the chance to track prospects activity on your website as well as offering real-time alerts to provide better lead targeting. This level of insight means that leads can be qualified and profiled for further nurturing if necessary, or followed up immediately. This visibility gives the sales team a clearer view of the potential work ahead and helps them to build their sales funnel accordingly.

  • Get More For Less

Traditionally the sales representative has had to make regular visits, delivering doughnuts for an excuse to have a regular catch up and to stay in touch. Many hours have been spent driving around the country, racking up expense claims for the mileage and the goodies. But lead nurturing doesn’t need to be so hands on, or so time consuming. Marketing automation allows companies to get more from their sales team by keeping them off the road and focussing purely on the genuine leads that can bring in business, the people that have visited your site regularly, downloaded your content and shown they are keen to know more and not just interested in the doughnuts. Nurturing leads the smart way means less sales visits but more revenue and commission. What’s not to like?

  • Staying at The Top

One of the main problems with nurturing leads the old fashioned way is having to stay on top of your list of contacts, keeping track of who you spoke to or emailed and when. Keeping in touch regularly with an ever growing list of contacts is tough and research shows that people have to see something 7 times before they take action. So how is this manageable? With marketing automation, staying ‘top of mind’ is easy, contacts are not repeatedly spammed but are emailed at just the right frequency based on pre-set triggers that dictate the next appropriate sales action. As contacts become more engaged their experience is tailored, giving them a better experience all round.

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