electronics+radio-logoIan Poole, the brains behind the successful Radio-Electronics website has just re-launched a sister publication called electronics+radio.

The new site is aimed at students, as well as makers and hobbyists, providing tutorials, reference and insight into a wide range of topics. The design of the site is attractive and engaging, featuring lots of images, and it’s written to make the subjects easy to read and understand.

electronics+radio is applicable to a wide range of people learning about electronics, and features topics ranging from analogue design and antennas to ham radio and audio-visual. The site also features an extensive history section, covering key developments and biographies of some of the great inventors and scientists.

Five years ago, this would be seen as a rather uninteresting site by many potential advertisers. Today, however, the maker audience is creating products that achieve significant sales, and so we’re delighted to see the relaunch of electronics+radio.