Over 65% of businesses in the B2B technology sector think that Social Media is important to their campaigns according to our tech marketing survey earlier this year. Social marketing is more popular than ever but each channel has its own features and benefits and understanding these is key to making sure that your social strategy will achieve your objectives.

So businesses can understand the benefits we conducted our own research by creating our own business page called Farad a Day and compiled a report on our findings.

Download our B2B Facebook Marketing Report.

In the technology sector, Facebook is perceived as one of the more challenging channels to crack, with lower than average usage by engineers. There are also concerns about the ability to reach enough of your target audience organically due to changes made by Facebook and how this change is prompting more business page owners to look at Facebook advertising options.

By their own admission, Facebook made an important update last year that affected which stories shared from Facebook Business Pages were shown in users News Feeds which caused these business pages to see a very noticeable reduction in reach and engagement. Read what Facebook had to say on their blog. Needless to say, this change ruffled a few feathers and has left marketers wondering what value is left in their Facebook Business Page what impact it will have on their B2B Facebook marketing campaigns.

Based on research that we conducted over 3 months, our report outlines our experience of creating and using a Facebook Business page for a marketing campaign and how reach and engagement were affected by organic and paid approaches using Facebook advertising.

If you’re considering a Facebook marketing strategy Download our B2B Facebook Marketing Report.


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