Yet again PCIM proves that trade shows in Germany are not dying: in fact they are doing really well. PCIM 2016 delivered some impressive results: the number of visitors was 10,053 (up over 10% on last year’s figure of 8.976) and there was a total of 436 exhibitors (up slightly from the previous year) and 93 other companies represented on these stands. The conference also continues to grow, with 771 attendees, about a 5% increase on the previous year (739).

The conference, which is an important part of the show featured a total of 308 oral and poster presentations: an impressive number, with contributors from academia and industry.

While growing visitors by over 10% in a year is good, the numbers are even more impressive if we look back over a longer timeframe. PCIM 2005 attracted just 5,681 visitors and 538 conference attendees. To be attracting almost twice as many people as they did in 2005 is an impressive achievement.

The PCIM 2016 Experience

I attended PCIM again this year, and was struck by the general happiness amongst exhibitors. I saw quite a few stands where everyone manning the booth was talking to customers, and the feedback that I got was that the quality of visitors was really good: real engineers with real power design problems to solve. The show definitely felt busy, which perhaps isn’t surprising when you fit 10% more visitors in roughly the same space as the previous year (the show has about 21 000 sq m of exhibition space).

If you missed PCIM 2016, take a look at the images below to get a flavour of this important event for the power industry.

PCIM 2016 - BikePCIM 2016 - Racing carPCIM 2016 - TransducerPCIM 2016 - CarPCIM 2016 - MicrochipPCIM 2016 - Madmix