Electronics Weekly has created a white paper titled The EW Guide to the Digital Galaxy, which aims to answer questions such as:

  • How do I get better banner performance and ROI without spending more money?
  • What are the top performing campaigns doing to get great consistent results?
  • What are the mistakes I need to avoid?
  • Which banner unit performs better & what should I invest in?
  • What can I expect & what are the benchmarks?
  • Should I be more focused on mobile?
  • How do I assess the effectiveness of a banner campaign?
  • Where do I start?

The guide was actually developed from a presentation Steve Ray, commercial manager at Electronics Weekly, gave at a Napier lunch event, and so we know how insightful and useful this white paper will be for marketers. Although the analysis focusses on the electronics industry, the conclusions will be valuable to marketers in any B2B technology sector.

The information is based on deep and wide statistical analysis from over two years of campaign and audience data. It includes case studies, valuable advice & tips, seasonal trends, campaign analysis, ad unit analysis, top/bottom performance trends and much more. The white paper is available to .