What’s New in Electronics Live (WNIE LIVE) has decided to make a few big changes to their 2018 event after receiving some interesting feedback from a post-event survey sent to all previous exhibitors.

The survey has revealed some interesting and surprising results about the industry and exhibitors’ opinions, with many revealing that a 2-day event is what this industry needs; as a 3-day long event does not work as successfully for this sector.

Whilst an encouraging 97% of respondents confirmed that they wanted a dedicated UK Electronics Event; WNIE LIVE also discovered that the date line being in the Spring isn’t necessarily the best time of year.

The survey also revealed a few further key results. These included the issue of co-located events, and the belief that they are only good as long as they are relevant. Respondents also revealed that having good features and technical content was also key to achieving a successful exhibition.

This post-event survey has revealed a mixture of results, which will not only help WNIE LIVE for their future events, but also exhibitors, professionals and organisers of other events in the upcoming future. It seems we can all take note and learn from these results, from the length of the event, to the location, we can all learn how to make events and exhibitions in the electronics industry more successful.

This is exactly what WNIE LIVE has done. After successfully seeking exhibitors’ opinions, they are responding in the best way possible, using the feedback to implement changes in their 2018 event. To move forward, WNIE LIVE will be co-locating with Sensors & Instrumentation and Micro Nano Mems in a shared hall but as separate events. The Event will also run over 2 days from 25th – 26th September 2018 at The NEC.

With a big focus on good features and technical content for 2018, the WNIE team has invited the industry to propose any ideas or suggestions that will work well for the event. For more information on how to get involved in the exhibition, please call the New Events office on + 44 1428 609 372 or email live@wnie.co.uk